I’ve been a world-class athlete for most of my life and a professional trainer for almost a decade. Over the years, I have designed different tools to help individuals reach their best potential, in sports and in everyday life. Your ability to learn is one of the most important roles in the growth process. Therefore, what goes through your head during training is directly related with your performance. In other words, your achievements are the product of your mentality/thinking. We all see lots of champions in sports, either on TV or in real life. The common thread between a winner and loser is simply desire. Vince Lombardi once said, “In the pursuit of perfection you catch excellence,” which is a mantra or mentality commonly shared between one champion to another. A Champion is someone who is the best at some ability or skill set.

I’m going to talk about what High Performance Mentality HPM is and why it’s so important in an athlete’s performance. Read more

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